“The great growing engine of change – technology “

Who We Are

Surya Informatics Solutions Private Limited, headquartered in Chennai. We are a youthful and energetic team of passionate people who love technology.

The collective experience of our many years in business is what enables us to develop innovative solutions for future generations.

Surya Informatics, with our team’s zeal and values manifested in a bond among customers, nurtures various organizations by creating solutions that meet their business needs.

We don’t just deliver results; we combine our commitment to excellence with state-of-the art expertise. Leaders are accountable for the performance of their institutions and for serving the community’s interests. The key to success is embodied in Peter Ducker’s quote “The Spirit of Performance” — by exhibiting high levels of integrity, focusing on results and building on strengths, we can lead beyond borders to meet the requirements stakeholders. We continue to be inspired by not how someone does something, but rather by the way he or she does it? Our passion is to help leaders and organizations reach their full potential by delivering exceptional results through our unique approach. We are committed to helping you achieve your business goals, while exceeding your expectations by consistently providing outstanding service. Our focus is on building partnerships with our clients that enable us to better understand their needs, accelerate innovation and deliver measurable results.

" Where innovation meets reality."
"Delivering results that matter."
"Thinking big, delivering results with technology"
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OUR VISION - Works Wonders

✅ We continuously strive to make our products and services more innovative, efficient, and effective for the benefit of our clients.

✅Delivering top-notch solutions that exceed customers' expectations.

✅Create solutions that reflect your values as well as the client's.

Deliver your services in a way that exceeds the client's expectations. Create solutions that reflect your values as well as the client's. We create a solution that is tailored to your needs. Our goal is to help you solve problems and achieve your goals by providing the right solutions. We work with clients to create a customized solution that fits their needs.

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OUR MISSION - Xtending Service.

We strive to lead, serve, innovate and inspire in contributing to our society.

We are an innovative, fast-paced and fun global company. We have a unique culture that celebrates our employees as well as what they do. We have an amazing culture where people are empowered to do their best work. We believe that passion, integrity and respect are key elements in creating an environment where our employees can thrive.

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OUR QUALITY - Stands Above The Rest.

In today's rapidly changing environment, we are challenged to meet the demands of doing more with less by excelling in quality. We work hard to produce results that are of the highest quality. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our process.
Yes, our methodologies are designed to work together and produce quality that exceeds your expectations. We’re confident that our team of professionals will exceed your expectations and deliver on the promise of quality.

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OUR PROCESS - Will Make You Feel Better.

We are bold enough to acknowledge that it is our process—and not just our products and services—that have helped us build a reputation as the leader in our industry.
It is not only our hard and smart work, but also our experiences that have made us what we are.
We stay ahead of our competitors by continually improving and refining the process we use to solve problems. Our customers know what they can count on.


The Power of OUR CALIBRE.

✅ Teamwork.

✅Clear Vision & Mission.

✅Best Services & Quality.

✅ Clients’ Satisfaction.

✅ Innovation

Our Services

Industries We Service

Our Valuable Clients

Our Clients' Testimonials


"It has been a great pleasure having Suryainformatics as part of our team. As a result of their exposure to the automation field, we were able to increase the profitability of our business. As a result of their knowledge of the latest technology and trends in this world, we were able to make yet another step forward in this industry."

Murugan, Technical Director
Senlogic Automation Private Limited


"In the past decade, our relationship with Surya Informatics has lasted for more than a decade, and we have worked together on a variety of projects. They have a fantastic team that handles RPO services, and digital marketing."

Ashwini Shivin, Director
Shiash Info Solutions


"Surya Informatics' HR Team offers excellent RPO services due to their high level of talent. Providing excellent recruitment services is the responsibility of the Surya informatics team, whose keen vision will enable us to fulfil our recruitment needs."

Vishnu, Director


"The team at this company provides excellent services in the automation industry, providing assistance in developing applications as well as maintaining our goals in the field of automation. With their support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we increased profitability and achieved customer satisfaction. Thank you very much for your continued support."

Subhashini, Project Lead
Aditiya Technologies


"It is my pleasure to share my positive experience with Surya Informatics. They have consistently provided excellent support and expertise in managing our Business Development needs. We have greatly benefited from their prompt response time and attention to detail. We highly recommend Surya Informatics to anyone seeking reliable and professional IT services."

Indhu Rajendran, Director
Shankha Global Consultants Pvt Ltd


"We are privileged to be working with SuryaInformatics as they have one of the best digital marketing teams in our industry, and they helped us to improve ourselves into a better starting point!"

Anitha, Team Leader
Senmax technologies

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