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Eradicate the weight of technology and workflow complexity so you’re able to focus on the essential. By employing our Life sciences CRM solution, you can boost coordination and ensure an impeccable performance. Our commercial data warehouse solution will deliver terrific data fluidity and accessibility throughout the organization to facilitate better patient engagement, improved clinical trial outcomes, enhanced care plans for patients—and so many factors. Improve your organization’s decision-making by using our reporting and analytics solutions to see how different strategies affect the business.

Gain real-world insights by analyzing a comprehensive collection of live solutions that help improve collaboration among patients, providers and researchers while also applying machine learning and AI technologies to clinical trials.

Easily manage compliance regulations by implementing our solution. That way, you can avoid paying large fines for noncompliance later on down the line.

Our Background and Experience make us a Valuable Partner


Integrated interoperable systems are at the heart of our healthcare services.

Our specialty is creating secure networks for the exchange of confidential medical information. Data is securely transferred between the EMR and other healthcare information systems; comprehensive, real-time recordings of patient data are made; and communication among all care providers—physicians, nurses, pharmacists—are constant.

Smart Wearable Integration

Our software enables health care providers to receive important patient data at any time. Wearable devices transfer data to healthcare systems, revolutionizing how doctors monitor and track patients. Our health care data services integration system and interoperability will put us at the forefront of providers.

We can help you enhance and achieve best-in-class patient satisfaction levels with our CRM solution, which manages referrals more effectively. Now you can schedule and track appointments based on provider availability; reduce wait time for patients by alerting them when doctors are available to see them sooner rather than later; decrease no-show rates by giving clients immediate confirmation of their appointment times; eliminate bulky paper work that leads many providers to lose important documentation or fail at prioritizing what needs done first. By detecting bottlenecks in your scheduling process and increasing patient satisfaction, the system will help get more people through clinics faster with minimal fuss.

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Make caring for patients at a distance easier with our telemedicine applications. Use our HIPAA compliant video conferencing tools to remain connected with your patients without having to leave the office. Health care providers can now offer specialist consultation, manage medications, continuously monitor chronic patients and deliver medical interventions—all without having to travel across the country.

With Surya’s eminent telemedicine facility, you can reach patients in remote locations!

Investigate the amazing capabilities of AI

Think about how artificial intelligence can help you achieve your goals. With our advanced big data analytics and Artificial intelligence tools, we offer decision support services to strengthen your Health care providers’ ability to deliver timely and confident decisions. Use our predictive analytical tools to identify high risk populations and manage clinical workflows so as to give priority and immediate clinical intervention. With appropriate use of AI, lives can be saved. We help you bring affordable, quality health care to everyone who needs it.

We use the latest technology to ensure that your patients are never more than a click away. -Reduce downtime in your workflow; engage patients and providers while identifying high-risk groups; plan interventions and uninterrupted exchange of patient related data. Our highly customized value-based solutions and avant garde systems help the medical community to provide quality care, improve health of populations while reducing costs.

Our robust artificial intelligence applications can analyze and deliver meaningful results from large amounts of patient data. Doctors can customize their treatment plans for every patient based on his or her unique health conditions.

Our solutions give you the clarity and confidence needed to practice precision medicine. We give both doctors and patients more control over their health. Your customers can now track important health changes, seek timely medical help, and avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital.



Immediate release and Controlled release


Bioequivalence studies of individual patients

Clinical endpoint bioequivalence studies involve a single dose administration of the test drug and reference listed drug to healthy volunteers.


Studies of the effect of inhaling glucose


We offer an extensive range of capabilities to support development and production of inhalation drug products.


Surya informatics can provide inhalation study services for a broad range of drug safety and efficacy studies. Inhalation is a common method of drug delivery to patients with breathing problems. Inhalation studies are a specialized type of chemical analysis that requires in-depth expertise and sophisticated procedures to yield accurate results. Surya informatics helps companies to improve the design and development of inhalation drugs.

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Harness the insights of your clinical trial data & On-time delivery of high-quality work.

We provide biostatisticians with extensive experience in designing and conducting clinical trials across multiple therapeutic areas.

The biostatisticians at our firm can help you with the following:

Creation of SAP

Creation of Shell TLFs

Statistical calculations used to determine sample size, test results and re-calculations.


SAS for Longitudinal Data Analysis/Mixed Models

FDA and EMEA regulatory department reporting.

Punctual Communication with Team Members