Artificial Intelligence

Powerful technology, now available to anyone.

Do you have a problem that might be solved with Artificial Intelligence or an opportunity that could be unlocked?

While many businesses and organizations don’t have the skills or expertise to implement even basic AI technology, we can help with that.

We help our clients understand the world of AI and provide realistic solutions. We don’t have proprietary technology to sell, and we’re considerate of our client’s budget.

What do we do?

Behavioral Prediction

Predictive behavior modeling uses mathematical and statistical analysis of historical data in order to predict customer behavior.

Image Recognition

Image recognition, in the context of machine vision, is a technology that analyzes and identifies objects and other entities within images. Our specialists can use machine vision technologies to translate images into text, allowing businesses to analyze visual content.

Decision Optimization

Decision Optimization represents a new category of prescriptive analytics software that enables organizations to optimize their decision-making and thereby improve business outcomes.

Analysis of Data

We derive truth and insight from any structured or unstructured data to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies.

Semantic Interoperability

One of the most important elements in building a viable machine-learning system is making sure that it has good interoperability—that is, it’s able to effectively communicate with other computer systems. In banking, healthcare, and many other industries—platforms we use to exchange information have come to expect that they can communicate seamlessly whenever we need them.

Big Data Analysis

Our Team creates natural language generation (NLG) technology that can translate data into stories—it highlights only the most relevant and interesting information, so businesses are able to make quicker decisions.

AI consulting services help SMEs and multinationals adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

Quick and effective AI solutions

Full control over the ML models

Expert engineers in the team

Flexible approach to handle various projects


Varied Expertise

Our AI team consists of developers who are experienced in different aspects of computer science. DataToBiz is the expert in handling complex ML complications and providing a feasible solution.

Learn about the benefits of using AI and ML for your company:

System Automation

By automating your recurring processes, you can streamline and improve departments such as sales, finance, human resources (HR), marketing, or supply chain management. Reduce the time it takes to bring a product to market and eliminate bottlenecks that decrease efficiency.

Analyzing large amounts of data allows us to make predictions about future trends in the market that are more accurate and valuable than other forms of analysis.

Optimizing Resources

Why make investments that are more than you need? Our machine learning experts can tell you how to cut costs without sacrificing quality, and increase efficiency while doing so.

Accurate Forecasting

We analyze data faster so that you can get accurate predictions about future trends in the market. Use historical data to inform your decisions today, and real-time data to be prepared for the future.

How DataToBiz Helps Your Enterprise?

Accurate Models

Selling products that your customers want is a good way to make money. (snooze).You will know what trends are working—and which ones aren’t. You’ll also learn how to market your product effectively, so you can make the most of any opportunities that come up in this competitive industry.

Holistic Support

We provide expert assistance in augmenting your staff with Artificial Intelligence, thus enabling you to strengthen areas where talent is needed. Consultants and experts can help you build a versatile team without requiring that you spend a large amount of money. We do this for our clients.

Faster Decisions

Hire reinforcement learning engineers to improve the accuracy of your deep-learning algorithms. Reinforcement learning offers an approach to artificial intelligence that makes it possible for computers not only to understand language, but make decisions and take actions in line with human expectations. Analytics can help you make better decisions by revealing insights about people, processes and technologies.

Solutions for Different Industries

From healthcare to retail, manufacturing to travel, entertainment—DataToBiz works with SMEs from every industry. Our advanced video analytics solutions are customized based on each enterprise’s unique needs and requirements

Reducing Human Error

We have helped numerous companies create pattern recognition models for a variety of uses, including customer behavior analysis and fraud prevention.

Agile Business Processes

In today’s world of information overload, you need to hire Computer vision engineers from DataToBiz. We can help your company build agile processes in less time—while maintaining transparency, scalability and efficiency

Solving Real-World Problems

We develop solutions to the problems that stand in your way of business growth so you can meet and exceed expectations.

Personalized Services for your Customers

We believe that companies can increase loyalty by providing customers with personalized, on-demand services. Don’t let your competitors stay one step ahead of you. Give customers what they want by taking that extra step yourself. Grow your business by attracting and keeping loyal customers.

Advanced Data Analytics

We offer a full range of analytics and visualization services, including video analytics, image processing, text analytics, business intelligence—and even predictive & diagnostic tools.

In-depth Insights

Our company’s professionals will provide daily in-depth insights. They’ll make sure no important patterns are missed or not considered for review.

For AI professionals, why should you collaborate with DataToBiz?

Learning & Growing

We are constantly seeking ways to grow our business and improve the quality of our service.

Overcome Challenges

We have succeeded in building working models for machine learning.

Continuous Support

We have become partners who actively support the needs of our clients.We help them succeed by assisting, teaching, and building on their strengths—then delivering results that exceed expectations.

High Success Rate

One of the main reasons SMEs choose our developers is that they have a high success rate.

Trusted Services

When you hire DL engineers through outsourcing, we build a trusting relationship with you.