Cyber Security

Security and Defense

One of the most extreme negative effects of technology advancement is an exponential increase in security breaches—for example, Cyber threats, Malware attacks, Phishing attacks and Web Application Attacks. Security breaches often involve inside workers, such as unauthorized access to data and password misuse by disgruntled employees.

All of these security breaches can result in extraordinary losses, liability claims and diminished profitability. To avoid the above negative impact to an organization, Surya informatics’ offers its customers the following information security services.

App and API Security

Intelligent protection from multiple attack vectors.

Always be alert for the most damaging kinds of application and API attacks.

Protect your sites, apps, APIs & infrastructure

Achieve holistic protection against bots, intruders, and DDoS attacks by guarding your most critical assets in the browser.

Manage your application’s and API’s security in one place

Implement multiple systems to handle a variety of tasks without sacrificing efficiency.

Get the scoop on emerging trends and market insights.

We analyze 300 terabytes of attack data daily and have over 330 security experts on our side.

Cyber Security Audit

Application Security Audit

Web & mobile app security testing focuses on finding vulnerabilities and threats within those applications.

Network Security Audit

A network penetration test can uncover potential weak spots in the system, and help protect against cyber-attacks.

Cloud Security Audit

Perform cloud cyber audits to identify security weaknesses in the organisation’s infrastructure and protect against data breaches.

Email Security Audit

An email audit can determine what gaps exist in the protection of your company’s servers and how they might be filled.

Recover and Protect

With our solutions, you can achieve business continuity, compliance and cyber resilience fast.

The risk is real, but many companies aren’t well prepared. Get up to speed quickly with best practices that will help your organization get ready. Hybrid cloud storage environments rely on fast, agile data protection services.

Data Protection & Cybersecurity Portfolio Capabilities

Data Protection

The more you prepare, the safer and better able your organization will be to weather any storms.

Stop Ransomware and Cyber Threats from Hurting Your Business

Build your organization’s intelligence and resiliency to prevent data loss now and in the future.

Agile and Adaptable Data Protection

Data Protection as a Service

Achieve agility and flexibility with next-generation data protection: a tool that provides consistent service levels while reducing risk.

File & Object Storage

Our cloud-based, advanced analytics solution accelerates the performance of applications and redefines the value of data.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

With hyper converged appliances powered by VMware vS, increase product release velocity and simplify operations—all while reducing your costs.