AI Chatbot in Chennai

As humans continue to interact with technology in their everyday lives, chatbots are likely to grow more prevalent. A chatbot is a software application made of artificial intelligence that simulates human conversation by mimicking the way people interact with each other within messaging apps .It’s a widely used technology that enables users to converse in natural language with machines—and is sometimes referred to as virtual assistants.
Human agents are available to chat with customers and guide them through the buying process. They are used in dialog systems—such as those that handle customer service, request routing, or information gathering—for these reasons. Some chatbots use extensive, sophisticated processes for classifying words; others simply scan for general terms and generate generic responses.
Chatbot, accessed via online website apps, through virtual assistants. The usage categories could be: E-commerce, educational software (for example), entertainment programs and services (such as streaming media), finance applications such as accounting packages or personal financial management tools, and production automation software.
The major importance of chatbots is that they are advancing and promising expressions for interaction with humans. In this technological view, it represents the natural evolution of question-answering systems—leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) processes to provide a seamless experience across multiple channels.

Tools for building chatbots with conversational artificial intelligence

No-code AI
You can build and publish your bot within minutes by choosing from a list of ready-made templates, customizing its content—and you don’t need any programming skills for that. Launch a fully functional banking or insurance bot by using the Facebook Messenger Bot API.
Low-code AI
Using advanced conversational bots is as simple as using point-and-click tools.
Yo-code AI
Get tools for developing, managing and enhancing your chat-bot technology.
Industry-specific AI module

KYC, collections and loan finder can be accessed by downloading the app; card locator is available to everyone through the My Card account; payment options are highlighted on the landing page.
Delivery tracking, rescheduling and returns are all possible with UPS Tracking.
Expanded or upgraded hotel, flight upgrade to business class, and guided tours in major cities

Conversational AI​

Using on-device artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the capabilities of all bots.

✅An AI model for on-device classification and visualization that works with Xiaomi and One Plus devices

The largest collection of data in the industry, with records dating back to 2005.

The more secure the customer’s information is, and the less it can fall into unwanted hands, the better.

Delivering a solution on over 100 million devices

Only one other company has built on-device message classification AI models at scale: Google, who use them in their Inbox app.

The Bot Store and SuperBot features are available within the device itself.

✅The Bot Store is a platform that allows users to search and discover enterprise bots.

✅Bots and other single-device conversational experiences can be combined to create seamless multi-device user journeys.

✅Super Bot serves as the equivalent of a search engine for conversational experiences.

✅Uses artificial intelligence to understand user queries and make suggestions for related chatbot services.

✅Queries can be by brand, topic or keyword.

Make it possible for users to locate and access the bot in different ways.

mobile bot

Experiences On-device

✅A messaging app that contains bots and allows users to take actions on their behalf via artificial intelligence.

✅Builds a user’s profile to improve the experience of using all bots.

✅User profiles are enhanced by analyzing massive data sets made possible through messaging logs.

✅Similar to Chrome, Google’s new browser offers password storage and synchronization features.

Delight your customers with an end-to-end experience

✅Deliver Intelligent Support for Sales and Marketing Executives

✅Support for Multiple Languages-enable Stellar Customer Experiences

✅Use Rich Media to Communicate More Effectively.