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As organizations prepare for Industry 4.0, they transform and refurbish their manufacturing processes in order to maintain, sustain and take advantage of technology. By equipping yourself with the right technology and enhanced capabilities, you can rediscover and reinvent your business.

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Remote Control and Monitoring
Through online instructions, you can now keep an eye on and have complete control over your manufacturing operations from anywhere in the world.
With the help of cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Cloud, and Big Data analytics, your machines can connect with one another without hiccups, decrease downtime, foresee errors, and complete more tasks with less assistance from humans.
Our highly integrated, reliable solutions automate the majority of manual tasks, which lowers labour costs, improves workflow effectiveness, secures the shop floor, and finds bottlenecks. Consequently, assisting you in always improving and achieving higher production levels.
You may redesign and modernize your manufacturing processes with Surya informatics take advantage of the vast potential you never realized existed.
With ML and AI, you can balance production indefinitely. Utilize cutting-edge technology like AI and ML to revolutionize your industrial floor! Get sophisticated AI algorithms to analyse real-time data insights and match your output with market demands.
Big Data and AI enable you to analyse machine performance, anticipate equipment problems, anticipate machine output, and decide on load sharing without compromising productivity or quality.
Making data-driven decisions, reducing operational costs, and simplifying manufacturing processes are all possible with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Smart Offices and Homes
It’s time to upgrade the smarts in your home and office. You may modernize your living and working areas with Surya’s incredibly adaptable and smart solutions.
You can guarantee that your industrial workstation is safe and secure for your personnel by utilizing cutting-edge AI and Ml approaches. Your staff will benefit from a safer workplace and fast insights from real-time data thanks to the high-tech wearables and safety devices we developed.
With the help of our smart home solutions, you may remotely operate a variety of appliances and maintain the safety and security of your house.


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Areas Where We Can Have an Impact

Textile Sector

Your variable frequency drives become smarter thanks to our comprehensive smarter solutions, allowing you to combine all the machines in a line assembly system. With your VFD, you can now optimize your manufacturing procedures while saving energy, cutting down on material waste, and generating alerts for preventive maintenance.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial production Adopt our upgraded tech fortified industrial solutions to transition to higher productivity, smarter production processes. We work to improve your bottom line, create and manufacture products that meet client expectations, lower operational expenses, lessen the impact on the environment, and increase the sustainability of your business model.

Fitness Sector

In order to fully utilize the advantages of IoT, Cloud, and AI, Surya informatics may be your digital partner if you’re trying to alter your company’s operations. Our smart fitness tools can help you adapt your exercise and food regimens, set realistic fitness objectives, and monitor improvements as they occur. They can also record a variety of fitness indicators. You may give many clients the greatest possible professional and cutting-edge customer support with the help of these tools.

Health Sector

You may continuously monitor and follow the health of your patients from any location in the world because to Suryainformatic’s limitless technical capabilities. The secure exchange and hassle-free retrieval of patient data across a network of smart devices is made possible by our highly integrated IoT channels. These tech-powered technologies are all going to alter the healthcare sector, from early and precise diagnosis to automatic alarm creation in emergencies, practicing precision medicine to planning predictive medical intervention.