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We are on the top of the list of Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai at Surya Informatics. To have results-driving applications under any circumstances, it is important to create niche-specific, target-oriented mobile apps with rich features. We create mobile applications that are visually appealing and easy to use. We follow an iterative development process, which delivers apps on time with room for improvement throughout the project.


iOS apps have gained popularity because of their ease-of use and ability to integrate smoothly with other Apple products. If you’re ready, seize the opportunity


Undoubtedly, smart utilization of Android technology can bring infinite growth to your business.


Flutter is an open-source framework that can be used to create applications for both iOS and Android.

React Native

Modern users enjoy fast and responsive applications that can be created with the React Native framework.

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Application Development: What does it mean?

Software development is a process made up of distinct stages: planning, creation, testing, and deployment. Business applications are often developed to automate a workflow or process, build product capabilities that address problems, create new ways for customers to interact with the company. A growing number of organizations are looking for custom solutions to support their individual business needs, and this puts pressure on programmers to develop robust applications that are scalable—able to grow as the company expands—secure, able to safeguard information from hackers; and easily maintainable so they can be updated without disrupting other parts of the system.

In many software development projects, releasing the product quickly is more important than getting it right. The demand for qualified domestic software developers is high and their talents come with a high price tag; however, finding the right people remains a challenge. For many companies, outsourcing software development is a smart strategy. By shifting their focus from production & design to marketing, they are able to reduce the time it takes to bring new products or updates to market without hurting their bottom lines.

Exactly what does application maintenance entail?

Application maintenance is the process of updating, analyzing, modifying and re-evaluating existing software applications. As part of your application maintenance plan, you should regularly take stock of the status and performance levels for all applications. In order to stay competitive, businesses must constantly modify and implement new strategies in response to evolving customer expectations and the fight for sustainability within an existing market.

Every competitive business must constantly monitor and upgrade its information technology solutions to remain relevant in a changing marketplace. Maintenance and support are two important components of any application. A software product’s maintenance phase is not just about fixing defects—it also entails modifying the code to correct faults and improve performance. A company must assess its existing applications to identify areas where improvement will lead to more efficient and effective products.

Surya informatics provides mobile solutions that are built with superior coding and clean system architecture. We help our clients to achieve improved results by delivering them cost-effective services.

Affordable mobile app development that’s of high quality.

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A well-defined process and a complete automation of that process.

Applying software applications to drive business growth is being seen as a game-changer by organizations around the world. Computer software is one of the most important elements within any successful organization. It can help increase revenues and make businesses more competitive—and happier customers! Application development and maintenance has become a strategic requirement for almost all companies seeking to add value or improve business outcomes.

The Benefits of App Development and Maintenance

A robust application development and maintenance strategy can help companies manage their application portfolio through customized solutions.

Let’s look at four ways that application development and maintenance can benefit your company:

Businesses are increasingly demanding customized applications that support their unique needs and scale easily.

Deployment techniques and best practices can help an organization improve application throughput, ensure business continuity, and create a more valuable system over time.

We provide a full range of application-development services—from legacy system maintenance to new mobile applications—using consistent processes that meet our clients’ particular needs.

The company’s expertise in a broad range of industry verticals, including marketing, healthcare and media on the one hand and manufacturing  and financial services on the other—combined with its familiarity with different application lifecycle models such as Agile software development or traditional Waterfall model helps to support customer quality practices.

Web Development Design

Among the top web design companies in Chennai

Make Your Business More Profitable, Available, and Efficient

Website Design and Development:

Transform your online presence into a high-performing marketing tool that tells the story of who you are and what you stand for. Connect with customers by working with us to create custom digital solutions—from initial design through development, maintenance & support

The process follows:

Understanding the problem and concept

Audiences, needs and scopes are all important to consider.

Empathy & sketches

Wireframes, design critics

Visual design & storytelling



Quality Analysis


Web application development is the creation of applications that run on remote servers, are delivered to a user’s device over the Internet, and interact with databases (which may be located on- or offsite).A web application, unlike a program on your computer’s hard drive, is accessed through the internet. A user can access a web application through a browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Most web applications can be written in JavaScript, CSS and HTML5.

Web applications are typically developed over a short period of time by small teams. Client-side programming involves writing code that runs on a client computer, such as a web browser. Client-side programming relies on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.HTML programming instructs a browser how to display the onscreen content of web pages. CSS changes the way information is displayed without altering HTML code itself. JavaScript is a programming language that can be used to make the elements of a web page interactive.

Server-side programming creates the scripts that applications running in browsers use. Scripts can be written in multiple languages, such as Ruby, Java and Python. When writing server-side scripts that create custom user interfaces—like web pages or mobile apps meant for end users to access and interact with—users will not see the underlying language code; rather they’ll simply see an interface made up of text boxes and buttons (among other things) MySQL and MongoDB are both examples of databases that can be used to store data for web applications.

Our Web app development services cover a wide range of applications.

Web development project planning

Surya informatics’ software consultants begin by eliciting the business needs and goals, defining desired business results, and deciding on potential solutions.

For ISVs and startups, our product and brand consultants help clients analyze competitors, describe the solution concept, define unique selling propositions (USPs) for their products.

Our business analysts spend time getting to know our clients and understanding their needs. We provide you with a high-level project plan, time and budget estimates, and assemble the team required to implement your web project.

UX and UI Design

Suryainformatic’s UX and UI experts create intuitive navigation and appealing interfaces for your web software, answering the specific needs of your target audience. Our responsive web app design improves user experience by providing a seamless transition between devices.

Web app development

Surya informatic’s web architects and developers have extensive experience with all modern architecture patterns, including micro services, headless services, and PWA applications. We use our project management office to ensure on-time and quality delivery of all projects. We measure success using rich set key performance indicators, such as;

Lead Time/Cycle Time.

Release Burndown.

Code Churn.

Mean Time to Recover (MTTR).

Escaped Defects, etc.

Web app migration to the cloud

We help you migrate your business to the cloud without disrupting operations and with minimal risk.

Quality assurance

Surya informatic’s sophisticated quality management system which approach to ensure that your web app’s performance will be secure, sustainable, and fast.


Our team can help you automate and streamline your workflow by creating custom APIs that integrate with your web app/portal and content management system.

Our integration experts build a continuous-integration/continuous-delivery (CI/CD) pipeline that allows for smooth deployment of new functional modules without impeding the work of your web app.

24/7 support

To troubleshoot and resolve issues with your web application, we provide low-, mid- and high-level support. We provide full-service web application management that ensures high availability, failsafe functionality, and stability of your workflow. Our experienced team will also ensure high user satisfaction through personalized support from start to finish.

Optimization and evolution

To keep your business needs and user expectations in mind, we keep improving and adding features to your web app.