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Breaking Barriers, Empowering Careers: Our Platform for Career Break Jobs for women

Empowering tomorrow’s women leaders.

Surya informatics is a great place for women to thrive because of its strong support, inclusive policies and fantastic leadership opportunities. A successful career requires self-awareness, clear values, and an understanding of how your skills fit into the larger world. Here, you will find a supportive environment where women can learn from one another and grow their business together. We embarking on a journey to Empower Women, Our Enhanced Platform For Career Break Jobs For women.

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Why women succeed here

Our inclusive culture

At Surya informatics, we celebrate diversity. Not only do we respect and value differences—we embrace them! You’ll work with people who come from all kinds of backgrounds; everyone has something unique to contribute.

Flexible workplace

We believe in giving you the freedom to do your best work. Our flexible working environment will give you control over how, when and where your job gets done—so that balance between personal and professional life is easier for all of us! Not only does this make it easier for parents to manage childcare, but also means we can attract talent from all walks of live

Women’s Leadership

Surya Informatics’ Women LEAD program is a global development initiative with the mission to engage and empower current and future generations of women leaders at Surya informatics.

Career growth

You can choose to upskill or specialize, and your development journey is supported by our online learning library, tuition reimbursement program and Internal Talent Advisors.

At Surya Informatics, women are creating the future. You can take part in it too!

“Surya Informatics is a place where great ideas can flourish. We have an inclusive culture that helps us make the most of our employees’ strengths and perspectives, which then translates into better business outcomes for our clients”

A Second Chance to Reignite Your IT Career

Empowering Women’s Careers: A Launchpad for Career Break Jobs for women

Are you a woman who has taken a sabbatical from your IT career? Are you seeking for another chance to work in the IT industry? If so, Surya Informatics is the ideal location for you. Providing women with the chance to relaunch their IT careers is a priority for us as a leading IT solutions provider in Chennai, India.

• Human Resource Executive
• Recruitment Executive
• Business Analyst
• Junior Software Developer

Unveil a world of endless possibilities at https://www.suryainformatics.com/career-opportunities/ and let your dreams ignite the path to greatness.

A Celebration of Strength and Resilience